All the services for your event in one space

We are not only a different and modern space where you can live and create trendy experiences that match your expectations, at Espacio VENTAS we also have a series of exclusive services and suppliers by which you can impact your attendees “in every way”.


We have our own audiovisual infrastructure and the necessary resources to produce any type of event in record time. Cutting edge technology and unbeatable prices.


At Espacio VENTAS we have exclusive suppliers, with a long history in the events sector and a gastronomic proposal/ that fits to your budget.


We create perfect atmospheres for every occasion with a wide range of props, attractive and modern furniture that will give a special touch to your events and productions.


#SafeEvents thanks to our UV- LIGHT disinfection protocol / thanks to our disinfection protocol with UV-LIGHT. A modern sanitary security system using ultraviolet light for the disinfection of spaces.

Our values ​​are Excellence, Hospitality, Technology and Sustainability. We rely on these values ​​to offer global services to meet the needs of any face-to-face, hybrid or virtual corporate event.